Wireless Networking, London

Communication collaboration is not fiction anymore, this is a requirement of every organization be it SME, Enterprise, Education, Government, or Defense.

Always-on-mobility is a key requirement of productivity whether it is in offices, hospitality, hospitals, warehouse, production platform, or assembly lines. Our expertise runs from the simplest Access Point deployment in a small office environment to long-distance Campus Point-to-Point radio networks. From cloud-based small office wifi deployment to fully managed and custom-driven complex wireless network deployment, we are ready for any task.

Today’s wifi solutions cater to Video Conferencing, Data Services, multiple networks for traffic filtering, and much more and the demand for it has been growing exponentially. To adopt a fully flexible, expandable, reliable, and secure wireless network, the selection of a deployment partner is very important.

We work with some of the most reliable wireless network solution providers like HPE, Extreme, Ubiquiti, MicroTik, and many more. Although we are not limited by brands, we only recommend a solution provider who has the ability to cater to security, filtering, demand management, and expandability. Depending upon your requirements, budgetary constraints, environment, and type of usage, we select solution providers who will not rest until the desired goal is achieved.

A good Wifi solution can deliver:

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