8 Core is partner to many software and solution provider that has broad range of fixed and scalable software services that will help you achieve application requirements.

From box standard Windows licence to enterprise volume licencing or from Backup software to enterprise cloud based application services, we supply and implement solution that will help you reduce your TCO and create more resilient, scalable and secure services. We work based on compliance, secure and expandability criteria while helping you to achieve software and licensing requirements. This will protect our client from unexpected legal hiccups to sustainable and expandable solution that will help them achieve best value for their investment.

Legal requirements for the use of software and licencing are changing from the way it use to be. Vendors like Microsoft, VMWare, Veeam, Watchguard, Sophos and many more are changing the way they use to work before. We constantly observe, upgrade and understand their implementing strategy to help our customer point in right direction to procure their licences in the most legal and compliant way while maintaining their budget and future needs.

Please explain your requirements to your account manager and see how we can help you to manage your budget and save your time from litigation of licensing.