Data Cabling, London

A wired network has been traditionally the solution for any networking. And in today’s world, it is still “the only” reliable platform that can deliver lightning-fast Internet, Network resources, Data/Video/Audio services.

Wired networking has evolved and the topology has changed to improvised for faster and more reliable connections. With the evolution, complexity has increased, hence achieving equilibrium between the cost and solution has become a complex process.

Our team has worked in every environment be it offices, warehouses, production houses, teaching institutions or the hospitality industry. Structured cabling is one of the most complex decisions. Considering it will be used for generations to come, how much to invest and which solution to select depends upon the knowledge and experience of the MIS team as well as carefully selected partners.

While designing a wired network, we consider the existing demand of clients but we also take into account potential demand, possibilities of use, and security and reliability concerns for the future.

Our expertise range from RJ11, RJ45, and RJ58 to fiber optic cable. The environment is certainly not a bar, be it underground, building ducts, ceilings, or outdoor, we can design, implement and execute wired networks in some of the most difficult locations.

We carry expertise in many DATA cabling, Fire Alarm cabling, Intruder Alarm cabling, CCTV cabling, and Audio/Video cabling. We will provide unbiased, no-obligation advice.