Cloud Services

In today's world storage is easy, accessible and manageable, however at the same time this is tricky, expensive, complicated and vulnerable. Cloud Solution combines many of the features that can help from SME, Education, Public Sector to large corporate clients to consolidate their services and reduce ToC that helps them manage it in more convenient way.

Cloud is a cluster of large forest that combines Storage, Backups, Application Hosting, Client Computing in Virtualized environment. Today the use of Cloud services are expanding more than ever because it can be achieved in any corner of the world with the use of Internet. Large chunk of data can migrate from one continent to another continent in milliseconds. At 8 Core, we step in to your requirements, analyse it and present you the model that will not only helps you achieve your current needs but it will be scale-able to cater many of your long term requirements.

Weather its about taking backup copy online, creating/migrating network resources on cloud or implement virtualisation in cloud or implement application servers in one of the most secure data-centre in the other part of the world, our trained engineer are capable of migrating all your local resources to online and help you streamline infrastructure that is manageable, scale-able and secure.

Please talk to your account manager and explain your requirement and see how we can help you change the face of your network.