CCTV & Smoke Alarm:


The legal requirements for the access is changing and so the requirements of taking control of access is changing from client to client. Traditionally analogue camera ruled to world but ever since legislation of keeping access record changed and the amount of claims and crime that has increased, client's need for access control has increased.


Change in technology from Analogue to IP Camera has advanced more than ever and so requirement of redesigning CCTV has gone up. Today IP camera has improved from 2mp to 8mp and resolution has gone up from 1000TVL to 4K video. Storage is becoming one of the critical factor while choosing right CCTV solution.

Your Account Manager and associated technical team is capable of analysing current and future forecasted needs for Camera, System and Storage. We can organise FREE site survey and provide you low cost heat-map that can help you determine right NVR, Camera and associated storage for it. The system that can be accessed from anywhere, which can provide you alert and can record and access data from 1 week to any time defined by industry standard time to trade specific legal requirements.

Please get in touch with us and see how we can synchronise your needs with your budget.

Fire Alarm System:

Fire is the most happening stories in UK and the laws are getting more and more strict to the requirement for each industry type businesses are trading in. 

Government is getting more alert and lows are changing how traditionally fire was addressed. Public/Employee health & safety standards are changing faster and it is more and more difficult for client to keep up with changing laws.

At 8 Core, our associated fire engineers are Industry standard Gold Level certified and are capable of creating design to implementing full blown Fire Alarm System that is easy to manage for client without much intervention. New technologies are expandable, flexible and cost effective to implement. Right solution from the start helps you achieve your requirements from the start to the future changes. 


Talk to your account manager, we can arrange site visit to analyse your existing system and see how it can be integrated with the new requirements. We can even provide your comprehensive system support or provide your break fix once the system is fully compliant and operational.