Our business at glance.

8 Core is value driven SMB reseller, we are focused, cost driven value added resellers aiming to serve SMB, Educational and Public sector market. Since we are result oriented and relationship driven business our orientation on quality of services and commitment with the transparency is very high. We don't take business if we think the opportunity is higher than the level of commitment we can provide.


Not only focusing on cost and quality of services, our aim is the generate more business through word of moth by keeping our customer at first.

We have partnered with the companies who we know we can serve the best, but also that we know our expertise on supply of timely services are maintain if we need to provide our of the box support.


At 8 Core we value our customer and give them priority not on the basis of revenue generate by customer but how well we can work with them to help them achieve their goals and reduce their ToC on IT.

We are focused on three segment of the market IT, CCTV & Smoke Alarm.


IT we cater wide portfolio of IT Hardware, Software and licensing to managed IT services. From supply of laptops and desktops or mobile computing to Server infrastructure including licensing programs. We providing remote support to onsite engineering resources. Our engineers are industry qualified and experience to run your IT environment 24x7 so that you can run your business without loss of data and its integrity.


CCTV we promote some of the world's leading manufacturer to provide of quality of monitoring services which can help you take control over access of your business and seeing that full control over monitoring is achieved when you are on or off the site. We can help you maintain your IP/Analogue CCTV system and help you migrate from Analogue to IP system. Or we can provide your Hybrid infrastructure which can create a bridge between Analogue and IP solution, this can help your migrate to IP solution over a period of time without putting huge cost burden at on go.  


Smoke Alarm, we provide full design, install and maintain Smoke Alarm Solution, this include certification under our observation. Are you our of support for your existing Smoke Alarm System? no problem, talk to us and see how we can help you re-instate your support and rectify your smoke alarm problem which can affect your Fire and Safety compliance.


Data is big and how to access it fast and securely is one of the most critical question. We may be able to provide solution to this by providing you services with local infrastructure at your premises or taking your Hardware to Cloud based virtual environment. Our engineers are trained to migrate your server infrastructure from standalone to virtual or local to cloud so that you can access your data globally anywhere within Internet reach.

Some of the cloud services we support is Microsoft Cloud, HP, Veeam and some of the industry leader solutions provider. Please get in touch with your account manager and discuss your requirement and see how 8 Core can fit your needs to your budget.

Please click here and send us your short details and we will help you achieve your goals.