Whether its about Backup or migrating your local network resources to Cloud. 8 Core is capable of planning & implementing a small scale migration to hybrid or Enterprise Cloud Solution that will help you take full control over future expenditure and fully redundant, complaint and accessible network services  over multi platform. With up to 99% up-time commitment, we have range of solution that can suites your budget and services requirements. 

Cloud Solution

If you are looking for stand alone license from worlds leading software vendor or an enterprise licensing services, we are capable of rendering solution that will suite your budget and comply your current as well as future requirements of the licensing strategy. Having licensing partnership with worlds leading solution provider we can help you buy new licenses as well as manage, supply and renew your existing subscriptions. Please see our full partner vendor list and get in touch with us with your needs.

Software & Licensing

Whether you want to monitor your access or take full control over site accessibility, we can help you establish state of the art CCTV solution and add enhanced security that will allow you to take full control over accessibility of the site. With our Fire Alarm solution, we can help you establish Staff or Public safety and help you achieve Fire complaint. We can design, Install and certify your Fire Alarm Systems. Please get in touch with us for the FREE site survey for how we can help you achieve your H&S compliance.

CCTV & Fire Solution

At 8 Core, we take pride in what we do because we work around every client's individual needs, policy and complacence. Since every client is individual, we work around many challenges which helps us keep our standard of services exceptionally high. Please click below link to check our full range of products & services.

Secure IT Solutions

for a more secure


Software & Licensing

CCTV & Smoke Alarm

Network Infrastructure

Helping you manage your IT solutions.

Whether its small business or enterprise IT services requirements, we are capable of providing remote support, on site engineering resources, managing your network and helping you with proactive fault detection and advance hardware replacement services. At 8 Core, our engineers are trained to deal with normal functionality of network to DR management. We can plan, implement and maintain your standalone or virtualisation environment. Our range of Manage IT portfolio covers LAN, WAN, managed WiFi services, Server Infrastructure, Networking support, Remote support and many more services within IT, CCTV Or Smoke Alarm environment

Managed IT Services

Desktop, Laptops & Tablets

Server & Networking Infrastruct

Managed IT Services

IT partner with a shared vision.

Be it Desktop, Laptop or mobile device, our qualified and experienced engineers are capable of managing your computing environment allowing you to take full control on system and application. We will not only help you choose what is most suitable for your needs but also help you deploy and manage them under your complience policy. While user can enjoy seemless mobility, network administrator will have full visibility over the resources and its utilisation.


Cloud Computing is a great way of saving cost but achieving most productivity of the investment in today's world. Hardware Investment, Space, Managability, Security, ToC are the greatest factor affecting today's IT Investment. And Cloud Computing is the most happening solution to those governing factors. We are capable of planning, resourcing, procurment and implementation of Cloud Computing. Please have a discussion with your Account Manager at 8 Core and allow us to present our idea to see your goal achieved.

Weather it is Server, Storage or Networking our industry trained and strong alliance with some of the world's leading IT infrastructure manufacturer, we have a wide range of Server, Storage and Switching portfolio that will match your budget and will produce results beyound your expectation. Please have a look at our list of Alliance Partners to see the stratagic combination of resouces that can be utilised to help you achieve your goals.

8 Core is capable of dealing with your small or large scale CCTV installation. Human Access is one of the most critical decision and who has access to what "monitoring" is todays one of the biggest questions. Our state of the art CCTV monitoring system will help you create eyes over your enterprise and help you find potential loop that can be blocked before it generate negative impact. Let us present you range of our CCTV solution from IP to Analog solution and see how we can achieve your expectations.

Fire detaction is todays most controvertial issue, we are capable of inplementing Fire alarm system. Here we can help you maintain your existing infrastructure as well as add/remove/manage your Fire Detaction Services and let you worrie about the business you do. Please speak to us and see how we can make you worry free. Our associate engineers are Gold standard certified and are capable of Instlling, Configuring and Managing your Fire Alarm System. We partner with some of the leading services provider who has been in the manufacturing of Fire Alarm systems for over 10 years.